Beams are ready-cut in the following standard dimensions, but they can also be cut to order in the dimensions or shape you want (planed, impregnated, etc.).

All dimensions are given in millimeters (mm) in the following order: Length x Width x Thickness.

4000x100x50 | 4000x135x63 | 4000x145x73
4000x245x46 | 4000x250x45 | 4000x300x45
5000x135x63 | 5000x145x73
6000x135x63 | 6000x145x73
7000x145x73 | 8000x145x73

  • Description

Beams are one of the best-selling wood products. They are often used in construction, roofing and flooring. They are also used for building pre-manufactured homes, support shutters, used as pillars, etc. Clean beams are manufactured from old trees which make them more resistant throughout time and all weather conditions. They are used mainly in roofing, sheds, awnings and more. The type of wood used is spruce or pine.

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