Corporate history

The region of ​​Trebizond in Pontus and, more specifically, the province of Matsouka, was already in the 7th century BC the main source of timber supply for Greece, with the largest volume of the production being exported to Athens.

The roots of the company “N. Misailidi Sons S.A.” originate from the same area, where the great grandfather of the current share holders began trading round wood in 1830, which he exported to his distinguished customers in Greece.

In the years to come, the activity that was started by one person was continued by his descendants in the same region and developed rapidly until the Asia Minor Disaster, after which it was first transferred to Piraeus and then to Ptolemaida, where a small sawmill was created with a single saw cataract, just to reach Thessaloniki in 1982 with the founding of the Société Anonyme (joint-stock company) and the establishment of the modern facilities in the area of Sindos, where the head offices of the company are still located.

In the years since 1982, the company grew rapidly to become one of the five largest companies in imports and trading of sawn and industrial timber in Greece.

Today, the company’s founder’s great grandchildren continue faithfully the tradition and cooperate with some of the largest sawn and industrial timber companies in Europe, importing and trading quality products from Sweden, Estonia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Austria and many other countries, expanding continuously the variety of the products. So, feel free to navigate our website and find the products that we can offer for your own needs.

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